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Do you have what it takes to be a Pennsylvania State Trooper?
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What are the duties of a Trooper?
Pennsylvania State Police Troopers provide and maintain traffic enforcement and control, crime scene response and investigation, public order, staff support, and security for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Troopers often work independently and are required to recognize immediate problem areas. Troopers must make responsible decisions and take the appropriate corrective action without the benefit of close supervision. Troopers often operate in situations that are stressful and dangerous.
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     State Police Anthem
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Memorial Service 2015 Memorial Service held at the State Police Academy

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Trooper Down

Tpr Landon Weaver
Trooper Landon E. Weaver was shot and killed when he and another trooper responded to a domestic disturbance at a rural home on Bakers Hollow Road in Juniata Township, Huntingdon County at approximately 6:30 pm. He has responded to the home to investigate a protective order violation when he was shot. The subject who shot him had been released on bail on a felony charge earlier in the month. The suspect in the death of Trooper Weaver, Jason Robison, 32, was shot and killed Saturday morning, in a confrontation with police. after making threats to officers during an encounter at a mobile home not far from the site where Trooper Landon Weaver was fatally shot. 
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Help us raise funds to partially finance the construction of the Historical, Educational, and Memorial Center. Purchase a polished granite brick.

Only ...$200. (3/12" by 15")

Details & Ordering

PA State Troopers Association
PSTA Exists to help protect those who protect us, and to serve those who serve the commonwealth.
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The Rifle Raffle Winner!
Bill Regan, H.E.M.C. President, presents Thomas Memmi with the Trapdoor Cartrige Carbine Rifle. Mr. Memmi won the the PSP-Springfield Trapdoor Cartridge Carbine Rifle Raffle when his ticket was drawn 
on Thursday, February 18th at the H.E.M.C. monthly board meeting.
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Commemorative Weapon Winner!

This year’s winner of the Commemorative Weapon is
Cathy Hunsinger from
Mechanicsburg, PA

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Fraud & Scams: Avoid Contractor Scams!

Avoid Contractor Scams!  More than one-third of homeowners fear being scammed by a home improvement contractor. The following information is intended to help you spot a scam and dodge the defrauders.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that Americans lost $1.7 Billion to fraud and scams in 2014.

Home improvement is a $200 Billion industry every year.

Poor workmanship is the number one fear homeowners have when hiring a contractor.

Over one-third of home owners have a fear of fraud when hiring a contractor. 70% of homeowners have hired a contractor for home repair.

How to Not Become A Victim
The #1 Warning sign for homeowners that a contractor may be fraudulent is if they demand the money up front.

Thoroughly research any contractor before doing business with them.

Interview several contractors before selecting one for the job.
Most Common Scams
Chimney Repair
Driveway Repair
When interviewing a contractor,
follow theses guidelines:
Once you have
selected a contractor
Always get a written and signed contract for the job, no matter how big or small it is.
If a building permit is necessary, have the contractor secure it in their name.
If you are dealing with an insurance claim, check with your insurance company to see if an inspection needs to be done prior to the start of the project.
Pay for the job with a credit card or check and get a receipt. Never pay a contractor in cash.
If your contractor has made mistakes on the job and tells you they need more money, do not give it to them. It is the contracr's responsibility to fix their own errors.
While the work is being completed:
Secure all valuables in the house; do not leave them out where they could be damaged or stolen.
If you notice what appears to be a problem with the job, photograph it before discussing it with your contractor.
If your contractor tells you the job price has gone way up, only pay what you agreed on in the contract.
After the work is completed:
Almost 80% of people say that a contractor may be fraudulent if they are hesitant to provide proof of insurance.
In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission received more than
home-improvement-related complaints.
Sources: www.ncphif.org; www.consumer.ftc.gov
www.insurancefraud.org; www.homeadvisor.com;
www.kfi.ky.gov ;www.pinellascounty.org
Fraud & Scams Information provided
by the Pennsylvania State Police
Historical, Educational and Memorial
PSP-HEMC Webmaster

2016 PSP-Historical, Educational and Memorial Center.

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The Pa State Police H.E.M.C. Operations office and Museum is in Hershey, PA, 187 Police Academy Drive. Office hours may vary at times but generally, you can reach us...
Monday thru Friday 9am to 4:00pm

Saturdays (seasonal): 10-3pm
Tour Schedule 
Call 2 weeks prior when scheduling a tour.

*Special Weekend Operational Hours Click here
If you are traveling from a distance, call ahead! 
We are closed, Sundays and for state holidays, and occasionally closed if out of town doing a show.
Note: Open Saturdays (seasonal): 10am - 3pm
Phone: 717.534.0565 or email us.
Adults: $5.00
Students: ( 8-18 yrs.old ) $3.00
Age 7 and under: Free
Tour Hours:   Click here!

Museum Map & Directions
Donate Now...THANK YOU! Send donations to:
187 Police Academy Drive Hershey, PA 17033 

questions or comments


On Friday, April 15th,  the Pennsylvania State Police Historical, Educational and Memorial Center hosted an open house to celebrate the completion of the new 6,000sq. ft. expansion to the facility.  

The new addition will provide a modern learning and educational facility, as well as a display for numerous artifacts of the history
of the Pennsylvania State Police. This will increase the existing facility by 350 percent.

The addition includes a donor-funded chapel, more exhibit area, a vehicle display, and a multi-purpose room for senior citizen education and public use for meeting space rental.

The long awaited Memorial Bricks will be included in the planned expansion project.
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2017 SOL Memorial Motorcycle Ride
April 29, 2017, 13th Annual Soldiers of the Law Memorial Motorcycle Ride..Read more
Legendary golfer and "Friend of PSP-HEMC", Arnold Palmer  passed away on September 25, 2016, He was a supporter of the PSP Museum and will be sadly missed by all.

Arnold Palmer: Message...

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Arnold Palmer

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View historical photos of The Pennsylvania State Police...

Note: photos may not be sold or reproduced in any way,
Visit website: Click here!
Any questions can be emailed to

retirees application

For more info contact Bruce Gaston Sr., President of the  association.

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Learn about the  Superintendents and Commissioners of the PA State Police.
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Your Support...

Implosion at Los Alamos
By Retired Colonel Glenn A. Walp

col-glenn_a_walp66X90.jpg (9212 bytes)

Implosion at Los Alamos
Buy the book
Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Glenn Walp, (retired) was hired by “the lab” to investigate crime and lapsed security that plagued the lab post-9/11. Walp uncovered the theft/loss of over $3 million in taxpayer property.
KOAT-TV Interview
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